Pitching your passion in 2-3 minutes! An infographic – Alex Bruton’s website and blog – The Innographer » Alex Bruton’s website and blog – The Innographer – Practical innovation education and speaking

This is a very nice infograph and has some good ideas about thinking about how to pitch your idea.

Pitching your passion in 2-3 minutes! An infographic – Alex Bruton’s website and blog – The Innographer » Alex Bruton’s website and blog – The Innographer – Practical innovation education and speaking.


Social media marketing landscape complicated – Business Insider

This is why I started this site.  I couldn’t keep track of all of the new Social Media platforms, apps, tools, etc. This graphic shows a couple hundred apps divided into:

Social Marketing Management
URL Shorteners
Stream Platforms
Twitter Apps
Facebook Apps
Facebook Gaming
Content Curation
Social Advertising Platforms
Social AD Networks
Social Intelligence
Social Business Software
Social Brand Engagement
Social Scoring
Social Commerce Platforms
Social Data
Social TV
Social/Mobile Apps & Games
Social Search & Browsing
Social Networks (Other than Facebook)
Social Shopping
Content Sharing
Blogging Platforms
Community Platforms
Social Referral
Photo Sharing
Traditional Publishers

Social media marketing landscape complicated – Business Insider.

Social Foraging | Scoop.it

Another interesting (but are they useful?) information consolidator is Scoop.it.  It allows the user to set up a newspaper style layout that allows text and images.  It is focused along a user curating on a topic.  Is it like Squidoo perhaps?

Here’s one on “Dynamics of Social Interaction” called Social Foraging  Social Foraging | Scoop.it.

Avatars Blavatars Favicons

So I once was a techie but am now mostly a manger.  But I really like the challenge of figuring things out technically.  That’s partly why I have this blog, so I can learn WordPress and other interesting tools.

WordPress is the most popular tool for creating web sites.  It’s free for a yourblognamehere.wordpress.com blogging site and is *fairly* easy to get started for a person with some computing or word processing or html background, I think – what do you think?  How techie do you have to be to set up your own wordpress blog site?  Anyways, I digress (a lot (sometimes very far from where I started) (where were we?) oh, I remember).  It is not easy to customize much, though, unless you are really a techie.  And I’m not so much.

But, some things can be done fairly easily, like changing your favicon which is the little picture that shows up on you browser tab beside the name of the site.  Hey – I even created a transparent favicon for my grokiam.com site – that was a nice little piece of techier geekdom on my part IIDSSM IMHO.

So, if you want to know how to change your favicon in WordPress, go here Blavatars.

Invisible Children – Social Media Event

OK.  This Invisible Children is by far the biggest international social media *thing* *event* *thread* *dialog* I’ve seen.  I don’t actually have the time or the knowledge to do it justice.  But here’s what I’ve seen.

It is now the evening of March 8, but it all just started yesterday….

I pay attention to a handful of blogs and follow threads that pique my interest.  And so, somehow the Invisible Children/Kony 1012 initiative came on to my radar on the evening of Weds March 7th.  Was probably via twitter, but I can’t recall….

I could not get access to the video for a couple of hours (I assume the video serving site was very busy as this thing went viral), but eventually watched the 30 minute video and thought that it was excellently produced and the message was very clear.

I, like many many many others worldwide propagated the Kony 2012 meme – I posted a supportive message on Facebook.

Then, almost as fast as the #kony2012 meme spread, an anti meme spread – “Invisible Children is a rip off”, “Kony’s not a threat anymore”, “there’s much more important things to focus on”….

The traditional media, newspapers, radio are now covering the story.

And the story continues.  Now it’s up to you and me to figure out where it goes and what effects it will have.  There’s a whole new world of social media now.  Information can spread like wildfire and it is becoming more difficult to tell the real from the unreal.