This is my Friendsheet.  What on earth is that, you ask?  You did ask, didn’t you?  I don’t know, I reply, but it’s something like pinterest, OK? Got it? My friendsheet just generated a page of photos that are somehow related to my Facebook likes and friends – at I think least that’s what I think it just did.  Like Stumbleupon in a certain imag-inary way (ha ha my pun my bad).  Plug for Stumbleupon which is a Calgary company that started many years ago and was bought up for $75M by Ebay but then resold back to the original owners for less.  Good deal if you can get it *Smile*


What online tools do you use?

I use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter daily.  Try to update my blogs (one on blogger, one on WordPress) regularly (daily/monthly as appropriate).  Get around 100 emails/day.  Send around 20 emails/day.  Have 2 active and 3 lightly used email accounts.  Use Meetup for casual meetings, just joined FourSquare.  Have probably 50 other social media or SaaS accounts.

Question is, which are the best tools for me or for you?