Covid-19 Canadian Support Programs

last updated March 31, 2020

Programs are being announced and refined fairly regularly.  At this time, most programs and information are focused on Public Health and Safety, and some now on income and business stability. As new programs are announced, they will be highlighted. The main resources for the latest information are:

Canadian Federal Government

Canada’s COVID-19 Economic Response Plan

Consolidated page of Information for Businesses:

Public Health Information:

For Innovative Businesses:

For Individuals and other Businesses:

NRC and IRAP programs:

Typically IRAP programs are for shorter-term development & deployment type projects.

NRC IRAP has been tasked by the Government of Canada to work with Canadian industry to address a range of medium‑term Public Health Agency of Canada and Health Canada needs, including:

  • Personal protective equipment
  • Sanitization
  • Diagnostic and testing
  • Therapeutics
  • Disease tracking technology

The NRC programs are for larger medium-term research & development projects. The latest is here:

The main page for all NRC and IRAP Covid-19-related programs is here:

BDC and EDC:

Provincial Programs/Information

The main links to provincial Covid-19 information and programs is:


Municipal Programs/Information

The main links to municipal Covid-19 information and programs is:



Other Specific Programs

Code Life Ventilator Challenge

The Code Life Ventilator Challenge is a 2-week sprint to collect the best ideas from anywhere in the world to create or design life-saving ventilators. It’s a joint initiative between the Montreal General Hospital Foundation and the RI-MUHC. Deadline March 31, 2020

Take care of you, your family, your friends, your business and we will get through this. Better. Together.