Digital Nibbles Podcast on SoundCloud

You can use this SoundCloud application to create your own archived radio station.  Maybe radio will also become DIY – Do It Yourself.

I was interviewed about the cloud on a SoundCloud station Digital NIbbles Episode 11.

Digital Nibbles Podcast Archive by Digital Nibbles Podcast on SoundCloud


Social media marketing landscape complicated – Business Insider

This is why I started this site.  I couldn’t keep track of all of the new Social Media platforms, apps, tools, etc. This graphic shows a couple hundred apps divided into:

Social Marketing Management
URL Shorteners
Stream Platforms
Twitter Apps
Facebook Apps
Facebook Gaming
Content Curation
Social Advertising Platforms
Social AD Networks
Social Intelligence
Social Business Software
Social Brand Engagement
Social Scoring
Social Commerce Platforms
Social Data
Social TV
Social/Mobile Apps & Games
Social Search & Browsing
Social Networks (Other than Facebook)
Social Shopping
Content Sharing
Blogging Platforms
Community Platforms
Social Referral
Photo Sharing
Traditional Publishers

Social media marketing landscape complicated – Business Insider.

Meta Site Thinking (again) – PART OF THE MACHINE

One of my summer jobs during University was in computer operations in a large data centre in the early 1980s.  Back then hard drives were about 3 ft across, the size of a small refrigerator and held less than 1GB and most information was stored on magnetic tapes in a large library.  Part of my job was to get tapes out of the library and mount them on tape readers as the computers needed them.  I felt like a mechanical PART OF THE MACHINE.

Now, many of us read online information, digest it, organize it, connect it, curate it using various tools like WordPress “Press This” that I’m using now for this blog, or Pinterest “Pin IT” or We are now, not just the mechanical, but part of the man-machine post 2.0 Intelligent System PART OF THE MACHINE.

Social Foraging |

Another interesting (but are they useful?) information consolidator is  It allows the user to set up a newspaper style layout that allows text and images.  It is focused along a user curating on a topic.  Is it like Squidoo perhaps?

Here’s one on “Dynamics of Social Interaction” called Social Foraging  Social Foraging |