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Another interesting (but are they useful?) information consolidator is  It allows the user to set up a newspaper style layout that allows text and images.  It is focused along a user curating on a topic.  Is it like Squidoo perhaps?

Here’s one on “Dynamics of Social Interaction” called Social Foraging  Social Foraging |


Email – the great consolidator

Email is still the standard communications channel for most people I know.

I’ve ranted about this elsewhere recently in a discussion on collaborative tools. It seems to me that despite the proliferation of social media and collaboration tools, a lot of communications are done via email.  Whether it is blog or discussion summaries, or sharing files, many people say, “send it to me by email”. At least this is what I experience.

But my 18 year old son, is not so email-centric. His communication channel of choice is SMS from his phone or online texting, I think, not talking on the phone or composing or reading emails or blogs. I should ask him what he thinks about email.

That is sort of why I started this SoManySites blog in the first place – there were so many sites that I had to visit every day. I started looking for a “site consolidator” See the post but still, none of them do what I want, which is to collect all of my communications in one place.

Email seems to be the great consolidator – most people’s main channel for information.

So, for those of you who want to follow my blog by email, just click on “Follow” on the top of the WordPress menu bar at the top of the blog.  But I’m not sure that anyone wants a feed of my wanderings through cyberspace…. so you can also set the Email Delivery Settings to only get a summary daily or weekly.

Invisible Children – Social Media Event

OK.  This Invisible Children is by far the biggest international social media *thing* *event* *thread* *dialog* I’ve seen.  I don’t actually have the time or the knowledge to do it justice.  But here’s what I’ve seen.

It is now the evening of March 8, but it all just started yesterday….

I pay attention to a handful of blogs and follow threads that pique my interest.  And so, somehow the Invisible Children/Kony 1012 initiative came on to my radar on the evening of Weds March 7th.  Was probably via twitter, but I can’t recall….

I could not get access to the video for a couple of hours (I assume the video serving site was very busy as this thing went viral), but eventually watched the 30 minute video and thought that it was excellently produced and the message was very clear.

I, like many many many others worldwide propagated the Kony 2012 meme – I posted a supportive message on Facebook.

Then, almost as fast as the #kony2012 meme spread, an anti meme spread – “Invisible Children is a rip off”, “Kony’s not a threat anymore”, “there’s much more important things to focus on”….

The traditional media, newspapers, radio are now covering the story.

And the story continues.  Now it’s up to you and me to figure out where it goes and what effects it will have.  There’s a whole new world of social media now.  Information can spread like wildfire and it is becoming more difficult to tell the real from the unreal.