Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service

Gartner’s analysis of IaaS

Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service.

Social media marketing landscape complicated – Business Insider

This is why I started this site.  I couldn’t keep track of all of the new Social Media platforms, apps, tools, etc. This graphic shows a couple hundred apps divided into:

Social Marketing Management
URL Shorteners
Stream Platforms
Twitter Apps
Facebook Apps
Facebook Gaming
Content Curation
Social Advertising Platforms
Social AD Networks
Social Intelligence
Social Business Software
Social Brand Engagement
Social Scoring
Social Commerce Platforms
Social Data
Social TV
Social/Mobile Apps & Games
Social Search & Browsing
Social Networks (Other than Facebook)
Social Shopping
Content Sharing
Blogging Platforms
Community Platforms
Social Referral
Photo Sharing
Traditional Publishers

Social media marketing landscape complicated – Business Insider.

2TB of Personal Space!


So I just posted last month about the disks from the late 70s that were the size of small refrigerators and held 1GB.  Well, I just install a 2TB disk into my desktop PC at home!  I am about to move all of my old high 8 video tapes onto this disk.  2TB is a lot of space!!! It cost $129.00 This is probably more space that all of the machines in the room when I attended SuperComputing in the early 90s.