Cloud Culture, Privacy & Security

Day 2 of the national cloud conference’s morning panel on corporate change was the most entertaining and thought-provoking for me. A big discussion was whether to start a separate group with cloud skills and migrate the enterprise to the new group, or on the other hand, to have champions within the existing structure. It was felt that the cloud is a new way of doing business, definitely not just a new technology.

Some of my tweets from the conference:

“bite the elephant one bite at a time” = transition to the #cloud is a journey, good IT, once on the journey will never look back

If IT doesn’t provide it, then the users will go around IT -> reason IT depts must move to #cloud

Winners are often pioneers, but most pioneers fail – First mover paradox. Canada can still be first mover in #cloud

The #cloud is the perfect storm. It is not hype. It will deliver faster, cheaper, better

Bring your own device is the new way of business and security has to deal with it

Public clouds may in fact be more secure than private #clouds as they have the best IT expertise and it is their core business


What online tools do you use?

I use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter daily.  Try to update my blogs (one on blogger, one on WordPress) regularly (daily/monthly as appropriate).  Get around 100 emails/day.  Send around 20 emails/day.  Have 2 active and 3 lightly used email accounts.  Use Meetup for casual meetings, just joined FourSquare.  Have probably 50 other social media or SaaS accounts.

Question is, which are the best tools for me or for you?