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So I once was a techie but am now mostly a manger.  But I really like the challenge of figuring things out technically.  That’s partly why I have this blog, so I can learn WordPress and other interesting tools.

WordPress is the most popular tool for creating web sites.  It’s free for a yourblognamehere.wordpress.com blogging site and is *fairly* easy to get started for a person with some computing or word processing or html background, I think – what do you think?  How techie do you have to be to set up your own wordpress blog site?  Anyways, I digress (a lot (sometimes very far from where I started) (where were we?) oh, I remember).  It is not easy to customize much, though, unless you are really a techie.  And I’m not so much.

But, some things can be done fairly easily, like changing your favicon which is the little picture that shows up on you browser tab beside the name of the site.  Hey – I even created a transparent favicon for my grokiam.com site – that was a nice little piece of techier geekdom on my part IIDSSM IMHO.

So, if you want to know how to change your favicon in WordPress, go here Blavatars.