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This Twitter / Home is my Twitter home page.  I am @Grokiam.  My personal home page is

Why use Twitter? LinkedIn? Facebook? GoogleApps? Each has its own purpose.

Twitter is great for sharing up-to-the-minute happenings and following the interesting tidbits that are posted by your “colleagues”. I follow some humorous twits, like the fake Queen of England, some writers, some science geeks.  It keeps me up to date.  It’s interesting sometimes to see what’s trending.

LinkedIn has some interesting groups with good discussions.  It’s a bit like a constant professional promotion, but it does lead to some good discussions and sharing of information.

Facebook now is mostly for playing games and sharing photos and videos with personal friends.

Google apps and docs are great for sharing files and calendars with small groups.  It’s now being used by bigger groups – I wonder how well it scales?


Welcome to So Many Sites.  This is a site about sites.  There are so many web tools, new apps, great blogs, I need a place to collect them.  Main categories will be: tools, blogs, cloud, open data, but I’m sure the list will grow.  If you want to email me you may:  Cheers!