The Ed Tech Market Map: 90+ Startups Writing the Future of Education

Edtech is still growing!

The map illustrates the following ed tech categories:

Broad Online Learning: This category includes perhaps the most widely known companies like CourseraUdemy, and Udacity, which host educational content covering subjects ranging from traditional math and science topics to photography and music production.

Learning Management Systems: Companies like Schoology and Huivo offer software platforms that improve student-teacher-parent relationships, monitor student progress, track assignments, share content, and provide online discussion boards.

Career Development: Companies like Fullbridge and Simplilearn Solutions provide enterprises and individuals with educational content for professional advancement, including financial training. The most well-funded company in this category is Pluralsight, which is best known for its online software and creative development courses.

Early Childhood Education: Companies like Speakaboos and Kidaptive create educational games and toys for small children, including interactive storybooks and educational mobile apps. This category also includes Osmo, one of the few ed tech companies that uses artificial intelligence and has raised significant funding.

Language Learning: Companies like iTutorGroup and Vipkid facilitate English-learning students in China, while companies like Duolingo offer multiple languages and cater to more diverse customers. iTutorGroup is one of the most well-funded companies in ed tech with over $300M in total funding.

Tech Learning: Similar to startups that provide platforms for broad online learning, companies like Galvanize and littleBits understand and cater specifically to teaching programming and other engineering disciplines.

Study Tools: Companies like Xuebajun and Knowbox provide study tools that use technology to solidify and/or expedite the learning process. Xuebajun is the most-well funded company in this category, and it provides an online service that explains assignments to students.

Course Materials: Most companies in this category, like LightSail Education, operate online marketplaces for textbooks and other course materials. Also included in this category is the company Newsela, which converts news stories into digestible content for younger students.

School Administration: Companies like Parchment and Examity are simplifying the process of administering schools by digitizing transcripts and exam proctoring, respectively. Others provides software that allow parents to track performance, or allow schools to connect to other schools at the district, state, and national levels.

Next-Gen School: Companies like AltSchool and Quad Learning offer alternatives to traditional education experiences. Altschool has opened multiple schools around the country, which aim to personalize education by tailoring curriculums and adjusting to each student’s learning style. India-based Cuemath offers a supplementary school for mathematics.

Learning Analytics: Companies like Echo360 and Civitas Learning collect data on student performance and use predictive analytics to personalize education experiences. These companies often provide other education services along with analytics; for example, Echo360 aims to make classrooms more collaborative by combining video, engagement, and analytics into one unified experience.

Test Prep: Companies like Xiaozhan Jiaoyu and Revolution Prep focus on providing solutions to students preparing for standardized tests such as the SAT, GRE, and GMAT.

Classroom Engagement: Companies like Top Hat and Nearpod offer products that make classroom experiences more engaging to students. Top Hat provides web- and mobile-based software that allows professors to administer interactive homework and receive real-time feedback from students, while Nearpod offers an all-in-one solution for the synchronized use of mobile devices in the classroom. Top Hat recently raised a $7.5M Series C round with Leaders Fund.

Online to Offline: Companies like Entstudy and Varsity Tutors offer platforms for students to find face-to-face, offline tutoring.

Source: The Ed Tech Market Map: 90+ Startups Writing the Future of Education


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