Last updated May 24, 2018

I have been sending out links about Blockchain so much lately that I decided to start listing some resources here.

Alberta Meetups

Blockchain Calgary
– Blockchain/Distributed Ledger Technology-based SME businesses and advisors
– meets monthly at Alberta Innovates

Alberta Blockchain Consortium
– “Industrial Blockchain”
– meets monthly at The Edison

Bitcoin Workshops
– mostly investing
– meets weekly at Schanks South

Calgary Bitcoins
– mostly mining
– meets weekly at Rose & Crown

Edmonton Bitcoins

Alberta Events


Blockchain in Calgary – June 6, 2018


Bitcoin Rodeo – Calgary July 9-10, 2018



NRC-IRAP Ethereum Example

Press release:

Exploring blockchain for better business

January 19, 2018— Ottawa, Ontario

More Background

The Gov of Canada has a massive public proactive disclosure database here: where a small amount of non-confidential information about all of the GoC grants are made public. It often takes a quarter or two before all this information is pulled from various government databases and made public.

This DLT pilot pulls the funded project data from the IRAP system in relative real time (daily) and puts it on an open distributed ledger platform.  It is not a smart contract (yet). For now, it is a just a small trial to put pubic information on an Open Distributed Ledger.

Anybody can see the raw data disclosure on the Ethereum blockchain by following the raw information here:

Using what are called “Blockchain Explorers”, one can create a website that shows the information that is recorded on the DLT.   E.g.:  If you sort by date you can see the transactions being posted in 2017 Q4, which started January 1, 2018.  And if you click on “Details” you get the public details about the funded projects.




Everybody’s favorite Ethereum playground created by Canadian company Axiom Zen

Past Events

Government of Canada Blockchain Day April 23 Hackathon April 17-23, 2018


Go to twitter #GCBlockchainDay to find out more

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